1. Hospital Management Software( HMS) /HIS/SHARP for Small& Medium hospitals, which includes Hospital Administration, Consultants Management, Patient info Systems, Diagnostics, Pharmacy, Accounting, Inventory, Stores, Blood Bank, Restaurant etc. -

  2. Hospital Management Software /HIS, for Large hospitals With HIPPA &HL7

  3. Clinical Package – EMR (Electronic medical Record), Lab tests & Values, image analysis, Treatment Appointment, Billing, Insurance & Scheduling.      

  4. Laboratory Package. 

  5. Pharmacy Package.

  6. Radiology Package. 

  7. E-Business (Customised) Package.  

  8. Enterprise Enabler &e-procurement Package for large corporations.           

  9. Marketing Software, Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

  10. Custom Build Software, for legal services, Automobile spare parts, huge departmental stores & very large Health care Industry.   

  11. Document Management Software.

  12. Websites-Portal Development with e-stores.

For any specific requirements, we would send complete write-up on that Software product.

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