Total Diagnastic Solutions (TDS)

The package is aimed at helping Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Diagnostic Centers, etc... With rapid accessibility and flexibility. In today's business, information is key to success. This Package gives you the widest variety of information and analysis. Besides it provides special analysis through several Management Information System [MIS] Reports like day wise summary report /Department wise summary report /Doctor wise summary report and weekly / monthly / yearly revenue collection report to name a few.

The package developed by us implements TOTAL DIAGNOSTIC SOLUTIONS (TDS} solutions starting from bill preparation to the various diagnostic reports which satisfy ISO 9000.

The most important purpose of this program is to organise the information in such a way that it helps the management to SAVE TIME, EFFORT and very important "THE MONEY”. At any given time you can get the information of your transactions at that particular moment and also dues that are to be collected from the customers and also the reference list of the doctors.

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