Hospitality / Club Management Software  (CLUB ERP)

From the detail study we made and also from our previous experience in the Hospitality industry we understand that the following modules are needed for the club’s efficient management.

Membership Management: It covers Membership application, Application evaluation, Seniority and Points calculation, Allotment of Membership, Allotment of Membership to the members spouses and children, Corporate Memberships their tenure etc maintenance, Membership annual and monthly fees calculation, etc.

Food and Beverages: It covers Menu Creation and Maintenance, Recipe configuration and Management, which includes the automatic warning, when stocks (raw Material) is not available in the store.

Billing:  It will allow for billing at multiple points like Bar, Dining, Lawns, Swimming, Health Club, etc. using any Desktop or PDA devices.

Accounting and Financial Management:  This includes the general accounting heads, General Ledger, journals, etc It will have Capture all the financial tractions, with the latest modifications. This will be integrated with Stores and Inventory Module.

Housekeeping: Laundry Management, Petty Item Management, Inventory Management, Cleanliness Management, etc.

Asset Management and Club Facilities Management: It includes Management of all club facilities like swimming pool, Tennis courts, card rooms, Banquets and Conference halls, club events and functions, etc.

Using existing Biometric solution and Smart technologies in the Software Application. This Software also includes Front office management including the tracking of the telephones.

Guest Room Management : Booking of guest rooms, Tracking of availability, Online Booking and cancellation through internet, online Billing, Laundry, Telephone Bills integration, Facilities Billing,  Catering, Affiliated club member guest room booking, etc.

Powerful Management Information Systems (MIS). MIS should enable the management in early tracking of pilferages, indiscipline, trends and moods of people, thereby   ensuring the Profitability of the club and the overall satisfaction of the members. This will generate all types of reports from the the modules depending upon the requirements like daily/weekly/monthly/data to date bases.

Payroll with Biometric. This module consists of attendance making by biometric device using fingerprints. We have an option of introducing the IRIS technology too instead of fingerprints. Then this info is connected to payroll module, which does the whole process of generating the payslips and other reports necessary for payroll.

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